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MicroTek Pak Technology Professional Liability Package

With the ability to consider firms with revenues up to $15,000,000 our technology professional package suites the coverage needs of various technology professionals including application service providers, consulting/training/project management, data storage, database administration, software development, web design, development or search engine optimization.


Ineligible MicroTek Pak Technology Professional Liability Package

Please note we cannot offer coverage to the following:

  • More than 10 percent exposure to the following operations:
    • Fund transfers, financial transactions, equity trading, point-of-sale systems and loan fulfillment
    • Lottery, sweepstakes, gaming, online casino or other games of chance
    • Firmware or embedded software
    • Mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil or architectural design or engineering
    • Robotics or process control of industrial equipment including HVAC systems
    • Physical security system installation or monitoring (including but not limited to burglar/fire alarms and camera systems)
    • Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information System (GIS), navigation systems development, maintenance or support
    • Aircraft, air-ground equipment, military defense and/or weaponry of any kind including classified information
    • Medical, dental or health care diagnosis, monitoring or treatment, including electronic medical records
    • Pharmaceutical formulation, production or prescriptions, including clinical data 911 or other emergency response and/or dispatch
    • Energy, power plant, utility or pollution monitoring,supply or distribution
  • More than:
    • Fifty percent of their revenue from network or computer security
    • Twenty percent of their revenue from hardware manufacturing
    • Ten percent of their revenue from services as an Internet Services Provider or Web search engine provider
  • Risks located in LA and WV


Available Coverage for MicroTek Pak Technology Professional Liability Package

  • Defense costs coverage provided outside the limit of liability*
  • Broad form endorsement includes coverage for:
  • Personal injury
  • Failure to prevent unauthorized access
  • Malicious code
  • Intellectual property*
  • Available as monoline errors and omissions, and we can consider general liability and property coverages
  • Errors and omissions deductibles available from $0 to $25,000
  • Ability to consider firms with annual sales up to $15,000,000
  • Full prior acts coverage available, even for first time buyers
  • Coverage for bodily injury arising out of professional services when we write the general liability
  • Hired and non-owned auto liability available
  • Ability to consider contractual needs of the insured by providing waiver of subrogation and primary and non-contributory language


Coverage Limits Available for MicroTek Pak Technology Professional Liability Package

  • Errors and omissions limits available up to $5,000,000

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Claim Example for MicroTek Pak Technology Professional Liability Package

group of sales employees working on a presentation over a laptop

Failure to Prevent Unauthorized Access: IT Consultant Corp. analyzes the hardware and software for their mercantile client. They recommend several upgrades to their servers, software and firewalls. As part of the proposal, they include on-going 24/7 support. IT Consultant purchases, installs and customizes the new hardware and software.

Six months later, there is a breach when a hacker breaks through the security firewalls and steals the personal information of thousands of customers of the client. It comes to light that IT Consultant Corp. did not install the latest patch to fix vulnerabilities in the firewall. The mercantile client loses business and accrues damages from notification and requirements to pay for credit monitoring. The mercantile client files suit against the IT consultant for failure to prevent the unauthorized access.

Unintentional introduction of Malicious Code: Computer Consultant, Inc. provides all the Information Technology services needs for the local pizza shop in town. The contract includes services for security vulnerability testing. After the project is complete the pizza shop’s computer system is attacked by a virus and all files on the hard drive are lost including accounting records and customer information.

The pizza shop files suit against Computer Consultant, Inc. for the cost to recover their data and loss of business income from not being able to send fliers to their customers due to the loss of information.

Intellectual Property: Jane Smith has been programming for Custom Developer, Inc., a large IT firm for 5 years designing enterprise management systems. Due to a decrease in orders, the software company must cut expenses and went through a wave of layoffs, which included Jane. Jane Smith decides to start her own business that will specialize in enterprise management systems, since this is where her expertise lies. She develops a new packaged software product that provides enterprise management for small businesses. Custom Developer, Inc. feels that the software code used in her new software is their copyrighted code and files suit against Jane for copyright infringement.

Bodily Injury Arising out of Professional Services: Network Installers, LLC is setting up a network for their client. One of their employees is hooking up a cable in the client’s cafeteria. The employee’s phone rings and he walks outside to answer. When the employee returns, one of the client’s employees has tripped over the cable and has injured their shoulder. Surgery follows and the employee is out of work for 8 months. The employee sues Network Installers for negligence and seeks damages for bodily injury and lost wages.


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