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Insurance for Convenience/Deli & Grocery

This coverage offered by an “A++” rated carrier addresses the needs for delicatessens, health and natural food stores, or specialty grocery store owners.


Ineligible Convenience/Deli & Grocery

Please note we cannot offer coverage to the following:

  • Propane filling station
  • Auto repair or car wash operations
  • Risks located in AK, LA or WV/span>
  • Property coverage in FL (unavailable with this product)


Coverage Available for Convenience/Deli & Grocery

  • Max property value of $3,000,000 in protection class 1-8
  • Max property value of $1,000,000 in protection class 9-10
  • Max property value with commercial cooking exposure is $600,000 in protection class 1-8
  • Max property value with commercial cooking exposure is $200,000 in protection class 9-10
  • Coastal property up to $500,000 excluding wind and hail
  • Separate general and liquor limits up to $1,000,000/2,000,000
  • Commercial umbrella – limits up to $5,000,000

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Claim Example for Convenience, Deli & Grocery

people in a deli

Property: A fire began at the insured’s premises when an employee of the delicatessen forgot to unplug the hot dog warmer when they left for the night. The fire caused both $91,000 in building damage and $13,000 in business personal property damage. In order to repair the damage, the convenience store had to shut down for a month, causing a $14,000 loss in income and $10,000 extra expense, which was included in the business income with extra expense coverage.


General Liability: A customer of the grocery store went to use the restroom. The tile floor area just outside of the restroom was wet. The customer slipped and fell, breaking their arm. The customer filed a lawsuit against the grocery store for pain and suffering, medical bills, and rehabilitation expenses The insured accepted a new vendor to provide their frozen seafood. One of the customers got a stomach virus from the tainted flounder and filed a lawsuit against the insured, alleging severe food poisoning from negligence. This is an example of a products/bodily injury claim.


Liquor Liability: A convenience store that sells beer denied service to a patron who appeared intoxicated. The patron was later involved in an automobile accident. Despite denying service, the convenience store was brought into the claim. The convenience store was not found liable, but had to pay $75,000 in defense costs.


Equipment Breakdown: A motor burned out in a hermetically sealed refrigeration unit resulting in the spoilage of food in cold storage. An equipment breakdown claim was made for property damage of $3,338 and consequential spoilage of $2,500.

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