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Insurance for Contractor’s Equipment

When equipment is damaged, stolen or vandalized a contractor’s business, job and reputation is at stake. Get a quote for broad, all risk coverage, up to $1,000,000 in total insured value, for many types of equipment on an inland marine form.


Ineligible Contractor’s Equipment

Please note we cannot offer coverage to the following:

  • Cranes
  • Equipment being used in water
  • Equipment in Florida and coastal areas

Coverage Available for Contractor’s Equipment

  • All risk inland marine coverage form
  • Replacement cost valuation is available for equipment that is five years old or newer
  • Full coverage is provided for transit exposures
  • Flood coverage automatically included to full limit of insurance
  • Earthquake coverage automatically included to full limit of insurance

Coverage Limits Available for Contractor’s Equipment

  • $1,000,000 per schedule or insured
  • $150,000 per individual piece of equipment
  • $15,000 miscellaneous tools and equipment for actual cash value only and not to exceed five percent of the limit for scheduled equipment ($1,000 limit any one item)
  • Coverage is available in coastal Areas up to $500,000 excluding wind and hail
  • Optional Coverage for Contractor’s Equipment Equipment leased, loaned or rented from others can be covered
  • Miscellaneous tools and equipment coverage can be included on a blanket basis

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Claim Example for 1-4 Family Dwelling

construction machinery

Fire: A contractor was clearing brush and debris from a work site in preparation for installation of a doublewide home. The area was dry and had not received any rain in over a month. While clearing debris, the engine compartment from a front-end loader came in contact with a pile of brush and caused it to ignite. The fire spread quickly and as a result, severely damaged the front-end loader being used, as well as another front-end loader that was in the vicinity but not in operation at the time.


Fire: The insured was using an excavator to clear land for a new subdivision. The excavator caught on fire. The fire started from wires around the battery making contact with combustible materials.


Overturned Equipment: A general contractor was in the process of excavating a job site. The operator of a grader drove the equipment too close to the edge of a basement that was recently dug and still relatively unstable. The grader overturned and fell into the dug basement. Damage was caused to the cab, engine, and radiator of the grader.


Flood: A trencher was being used to dig water lines for a new subdivision. There was a small stream that flowed near the edge of the work site. Recent rains had caused the trenching work to stop for a few days, as the soil was saturated. The operator of the trencher moved it to what he thought was a safe distance from the stream. Another severe rainstorm came through the area causing the stream to flood. The trencher was caught up in the floodwater and swept downstream causing a total loss.

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