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Insurance for Condo Owner & Renters

“A++” rated from our carrier is available for owner or tenant occupied condo and/or cooperative units. Short-term and seasonal rentals and occupancies are eligible for coverage.


Ineligible Condo Owner & Renters

Please note we cannot offer coverage to the following:

  • Project has already commenced
  • Exterior operations in excess of 4 stories or 50 feet from grade level
  • Demolition work or blasting operations
  • Addition of stories to existing structures
  • Construction, installation, renovation or removal of underground tanks
  • Underpinning or shoring of adjacent buildings or structures
  • Located in AK, AZ, CA, CO, LA, NV or WV

Available Coverage for Condo Owner & Renters

  • Coverage A up to $500,000
  • Coverage C up to $200,000
  • Coverage D up to $50,000
  • Loss assessment up to $50,000
  • Personal liability up to $1,000,000
  • Medical payments included at $5,000

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Claim Example for Condo Owner & Renters

young woman walking in her front door

Toasted Lamb Chop: The insured was cooking a lamb chop in a broiler when the stove caught fire, ignited a pan of oil on the stove-top, and resulted in over $100,000 in fire, smoke, and water damage.

Faulty Furnace: The insured’s tenant claimed she became ill from carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from a faulty furnace. The tenant claimed permanent brain damage and demanded $750,000.

Falling Contractors: The insured hired a contractor to rebuild a deck. During construction, an employee of the contractor fell and fractured his leg. Unfortunately, the contractor allowed his workers’ compensation insurance to lapse. The claim for lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical rehabilitation resulted in a claim in excess of $300,000.

When It Rains, It Falls: A pipe in the insured’s condominium sprang a slow leak resulting in damage to a neighboring condo owner below. As a result of the unknown water damage, the neighbor’s kitchen cabinet fell resulting in both property damage and a bodily injury claim. The claim was settled for $10,000.

Boys Will Be Boys: The insured permitted several of her children and their friends to play paintball in her large back yard. The children were experienced and advised of all the safety rules including the use of headgear at all times. A participant removed her headgear as she was leaving the field in order to better hear someone calling her name. The minor claimant was hit in the eye resulting in a $475,000 settlement.

Unhappy Buyer: The insured was accused of misrepresenting material facts relative to his home to a prospective buyer. Although the claimant recovered no money, insured legal costs exceeded $5,000.


Please note –
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