Inland Marine/Builder’s Risk

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Insurance for Inland Marine/Builder’s Risk

A comprehensive Inland Marine product available for new, ground-up construction of individual dwellings and commercial projects.


Ineligible Inland Marine/Builder’s Risk

Please note we cannot offer coverage to the following:

  • Construction projects that have already started
  • Where the contractor has fewer than three years of experience in the type and size of building being constructed
  • Taking place on filled land
  • Risks located in AK, LA or WV
  • Property coverage in FL (unavailable with this product)


Coverage Available for Inland Marine/Builder’s Risk

  • All risk inland marine form including theft
  • Policy written for the full duration of the construction project
  • Replacement cost valuation
  • Coverage for transit exposures automatically included
  • Policy extension done with a simple endorsement
  • Builders Value Plus endorsement includes soft costs coverages


Coverage Limits Available for Inland Marine/Builder’s Risk

Property values up to $3,000,000 in protection classes 1-8, up to 1,500,000 for frame construction; $1,000,000 in protection classes 9-10 or up to $500,000 in coastal zones (excluding wind and hail coverage)


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Claim Example for Inland Marine/Builder’s Risk

carpenter carrying wood at construction site

Collapse: A house was being constructed in the middle of a pasture with the land grade sloping toward the construction site. The roof was on the house but the gutters and downspouts had not yet been installed. The area experienced heavy rains for a month. With no gutters installed, the rainwater fell directly around the foundation of the house. The resulting weight of the saturated ground caused a basement wall to collapse. The basement wall had to be repaired causing a 1-month delay in the project and additional costs.


Fire: The insured was contracted to act as a general contractor working on a 3-story office building where construction had started 8 months prior. A subcontractor was welding a stair system to the roof access when an ember from the torch ignited a fire. The fire caused considerable damage to the roof, sheetrock, insulated ductwork, and two heating units. There was also limited water damage caused by the fire department’s use of water to extinguish the blaze.


Water Damage: The insured had 3 homes under construction at the same work-site. The corner property, which was scheduled to be up for sale in 2 weeks, had a completely finished basement. A subcontracted plumber had recently installed a fire hydrant on the site earlier that day. The insured received a call from a neighbor during the night alerting him of a flood on the job site. It was determined that the plumber failed to use a proper retainer and hold down rod when he installed the fire hydrant. The end cap of the fire hydrant came loose during the night and discharged 40,000 gallons of water onto the work site. The insured’s properties had 4” to 6” of water in the basements of all 3 units. Additional damage was done to the fixtures and carpet of the home with the finished basement.


Theft: A house was being constructed on the site of a vacant lot. The interior finishes of the house were completed but the windows had not yet been installed. During the night, 2 thieves forced they’re way into the home through a basement steel door. The thieves made off with 2 stoves, 3 refrigerators, a water meter, some copper piping, and 2 gas- fired boilers. Damage was also done to the steel door and portions of the interior walls. As a result of the theft and the damage to the property, the sale of the home was delayed for 2 weeks.


Vandalism: A new building was 90% complete and had locked doors and windows in place. During the night vandals broke a window on the 2nd floor of the building by throwing a fire hydrant cover through it. The impact of the fire hydrant cover damaged installed floor tiles on the 2nd floor. The contractor noticed the damage the next day and reported the incident to the insured and the police.

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